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BGCenter Online School offers courses, CDs, publications, presentations and workshops that help to prepare parents and professionals for dealing with behavioral, emotional, developmental and educational needs of internationally adopted older children. All this information comes from professionals, who work with internationally adopted children on a daily basis as psychologists, researchers, therapists and speech/language pathologists. These are people who are licensed and experienced in providing related clinical services to international adoptees. They also are known to the adoption community as the authors of books and articles on key adoption issues.

Online courses for the training of adoptive parents and professionals

The courses offer a practical guide for adoptive parents on how to handle special needs of a post-institutionalized older child adopted internationally. All online courses are interactive, and you can ask the instructor - a psychologist specializing in international adoption - questions related to the subject of the course.

Certificates of completion are awarded

A growing list of free access presentations (currently 9) on varies aspects of pre-adoption preparation and post-adoption services. You can find out what specialists look for in the pictures and documents you have for your prospective child; the details on what information to bring back from your trip to Russia; what is sensory integration that children with traumatic experiences in their background often lack; templates of documents for requesting a bilingual psychological or speech and language assessment for your child and advice on where to look for private school placement.

of selected resources that can help you find answers to your adoption related questions

Courses on CDs for the
training of adoptive parents
and professionals

Self-study courses on CDs have the same content as the corresponding online courses, but they are not interactive and do not have tests and questionnaires. CD courses are designed for adoptive parents, teachers and other professionals who are not interested in a certificate of completion, but would like to have the access to information beyond the time limit of an online class.

Certificates of completion are
NOT awarded
Internet connection required

Each Newsletter features the latest articles from the authors of International Adoption Articles Directory, commentary and reviews of varies issues of international adoption.

Psychological issues of older internationally adopted children: courses and publications
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