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Course JSBG1
Pre-adoption hosting of a child from an orphanage
Instructors Jody Sciortino, LCSW
Boris Gindis, Ph.D.

This course helps potential adoptive parents prepare for the hosting experience with older children from foreign orphanages and have a lot of “How?” and “Why?” questions answered. The instructors go into every detail of your encounter with a post-institutionalized older child in your own home, explaining what to expect and how to manage this unique opportunity.

Unit 1. Older IA children as a group
  • Typical health issues
  • Life before institution: the impact of trauma
  • Life in institution: survival skills
  • The consequences: developmental delays
  • The consequences: delayed language development
Unit 2. Short term hosting: expectations and reality
  • Examining your expectations and motivation for hosting
  • Child's expectations of home and family
  • The dynamics of short term hosting
  • Preparing your family for your host child's arrival
  • Preparing to cope with language barrier
Unit 3. Helping your child settle in
  • Understanding cultural differences of the child
  • What the children should call their host parents
  • Clothes and personal belongings
  • Bathing and hygiene
  • Appropriate activities
  • Over-stimulation and gifts
  • Addressing behavior issues
  • The importance of schedule, limits, structure, and predictability
  • Food preferences of the child
  • Bedtime routine
  • Safety issues
  • Traveling with the child
Unit 4. Professional medical and psychological help during visiting
  • Use and support of escorts, staff, and translators
  • Dealing with extreme behaviors
  • Guidelines for consultations with professionals
  • Emergency help
Unit 5. Preparation for the adoption process
  • Should I talk about adoption with the child?
  • Guidelines to making a decision to adopt
  • Data gathering during the child's stay in your home
  • Preparation for the adoption trip: school-related documents
  • Preparation for the future school placement
Psychological issues of older internationally adopted children: courses and publications
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