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Presentation 5: What are sensory integration (SI) and Disfunction of SI? M. Windsor, ScD, OTR/L

How DSI affects living and school performance

This is to briefly remind you how important "success" in tasks and activities is…..whether that be in the family, the school, or the community…..for the development of a positive self-image and self-esteem.

Children with poor organization and motor abilities are less successful, require more time, and may perform with less quality than their age mates and peers. They may be slower to sit, crawl, and walk, which can cause the family great stress. They may be delayed or unable to dress themselves or perform activities of daily living. Because of oral motor (muscle movement around the mouth) problems, eating and drinking may be sloppy or delayed, as well are articulation and speech.

Praxis problems are associated with poor body scheme: children may be unsure where they are in space, have a poor concept of time, etc. To cope with the ever-changing world, they may be rigid and inflexible, responding negatively with any changes in routine. It's a pretty scary world when you can't predict the future or don't understand cause and effect. Treatment involves improving sensory processing and developing strategies of success for living in their worlds. Helping the child with the role of student or friend and providing opportunities for successful participation in life (perhaps learning to ride a bike with friends) are as important as clinic experiences with sensory integration equipment.

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