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When a traditional school is not enough (from Green Chimneys brochure "restoring Possibilities")

Traditional schooling doesn't work for every student. Some children struggle with learning, behavioral or emotional issues. They may be tuned out, turned off or left out. At Green Chimneys, we know about these challenges. We've been breaking down learning barriers since 1947 and helping every child be the best he or she can be. We offer an alternate road to success.

At Green Chimneys School, we help children with special needs. Our approved Therapeutic Day School and Residential Programs are available to students from throughout New York State and the surrounding regions. We combine traditional instruction with a broad range of innovative educational activities and counseling services to engage students who previously have been alienated and unmanageable in school. Our individualized approach helps children connect by finding their interests and helping them succeed.

Green Chimneys has the broadest array of "leaning through experiencing" programs and therapeutic services. We are pioneers in therapeutic services. Whether it's our individualized educational approach or our signature animal and nature-based programs, we know how to reach your child. Our unique Farm & Wildlife Conservation Center and Organic Farm& Horticulture Program are integral components in each student's educational plan, as are the environmental, adventure, vocational and recreational activities.

We work closely with families, school districts and all referring agencies to develop individual education plans (IEPs) and therapeutic treatment programs. Our small size classes allow us to monitor each child's progress and clarify goals and expectations. To promote consistency with behavioral standards at home and in school, our social workers maintain ongoing contact with families. Our goal is to help children develop the skills and techniques that enable them to return to their communities and succeed.

If you haven't seen Green Chimneys lately, you haven't seen Green Chimneys. In addition to our award-winning school complex and multidisciplinary approach, we have administrators, teachers, therapists and support personnel who remain responsive to changes in educational needs. From standardized testing to the creation of individual portfolios, we focus on giving your child the best education and the successes needed to build self-esteem and confidence. That's what it takes to be a school of academic excellence.

Founded in 1947, Green Chimneys is renowned for its animal-assisted therapy program, which helps children reconnect and reestablish bonds with living things in their care. We give our students a chance for a brighter future through specialized treatment, education and recreational services. Each year, Green Chimneys provides hundreds of children with the tools that enable them to regain a sense of self-worth, creating hope for tomorrow.

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