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    Aaron Academy is a private, special education school dedicated to insuring that all students will become responsible, successful citizens of the 21st Century.


    A nice facility in the heart of Manhattan boasted a climbing wall in the hall, computers in all classes, smart boards (large computer screens on the walls for interactive collaborative learning) and comfortable small classes. Aaron Academy is a special education program designed to provide academic, social, arts and athletic curricula to middle and high school students ages (13+). The school accepts children with learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger's, PDD, Speech/language and other issues that need to be addressed via educational remediation. The curriculum is guided by evidence based research on all aspects of learning including: environment, socialization, gender, structure, schedules and content and is based on a framework for 21st Century learning. The Aaron academy is still small, but about 10% of its students are the internationally adopted children.


At Aaron Academy, each student will develop strengths towards lifelong goals. These goals will be accomplished through the development of creativity and innovation skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, information, media and technology skills and life and career skills.

Highly trained professional staff (all classes are taught by a certified Master's level Special Education Teacher and an Assistant Teacher ) insures that the rigors of instruction are at the core of the program.

A major goal of middle-school and high school education is to make students responsible for their own learning. Adolescents must be active participants in setting academic goals for themselves, deciding how to accomplish these goals, and assessing their achievements. At the same time, students at this level require support and encouragement from their teachers at each step along the way. The National Middle School Association, in its list of essential practices for middle schools, sums it up this way: "Immediate feedback and reassurance are necessities for individuals who are developmentally so diverse. Students need to have an active role in assessing their learning as well as opportunities to succeed."

The core subjects of language arts, math, economics, arts, technology, science, social studies literacy and civic literacy are instructed using a Universal Design for Learning framework. This framework offers a curriculum that adapts to the student through multiple methods of presentation, participation and expression. As students enter Aaron Academy their related service needs will be addressed using an integrated service model approach. Counseling, speech therapy and occupational therapy will be academically based, not clinically approached, again, to insure depth of knowledge. While one-on-one service provision is not part of Aaron Academy's philosophy, we work closely with outside service providers for students needing that support.

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